Violent and Abusive patients

The GPs and their staff have a right to care for others without fear of being attacked or abused. Violent patients will be reported to the police and struck off the practice list.

Zero Tolerance Policy

This practice operates a zero tolerance policy towards aggression. Aggression, abuse and intimidating behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated, and incidents will be reported to the police. This will result in you being removed from our list of registered patients. The CCG will allocate you to another practice which is able to deal with violent patients.

Patient Records & Confidentiality

Your medical record, and everything about you, is confidential and may not be divulged without your authority. Patient information is generally held under legal and ethical obligations of confidentiality. Information provided in confidence may not be used or disclosed in a form that might identify a patient without his or her consent. There are a few of important exceptions to this rule but it applies in most circumstances.

Patients have a right of access to health information about themselves under the Freedom of Information Act. If you would like to discuss the details of this legislation please contact the Practice Manager.

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