Suggestions & Complaints


We welcome ideas for improving our services. We should be grateful if you would put your suggestions in the box provided in the reception area. We undertake regular surveys to obtain patients’ views and consider how best to implement the results. We believe in the principle of “informed choice” and therefore we will explain fully to patients the advantages and disadvantages of particular drugs or treatments. We will then make a decision in partnership with you as to how to proceed.

We treat all our patients as individuals, respect different cultures and welcome all ethnic groups. Some of our doctors speak other languages such as Gujarati, Hindi and Swahili and would be happy to communicate with you in these languages.


We are fortunate that these are very infrequent at our practice. We hope that this reflects the very personal service we offer to all our patients. However there is always room for improvement and we would encourage any suggestions. In case you have a complaint, please contact the Practice Manager and allow us an opportunity to set things right on an informal basis. We have an in house complaints procedure.

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