Appointment System

To get the best medical care online consultations with Patchs is very effective as it allows you to express your ideas, concerns and expectations in your own time and space.  The online consultation can be followed up by the Doctor with a telephone or a F2F (face to face) consultation.  We understand that some people prefer to talk about their health issues F2F.  In consultation with our PPG we have decided to allow patients to book F2F appointments with the Doctor of their choice.   From September 2022 patients will have a choice of 3 appointment types:

·         F2F bookable appointments

·         Patchs (online consultation) 

·         Telephone triage and consultation

In addition to offering greater choice from within our own practice we have formed a confederation with other General Practices that allow us to offer a more comprehensive and immediate service.  We have a surge service which allows you to be seen "on the day" by a Doctor for problems that need attention on the day.  The Doctors concerned are all linked to our practice and have access to your clinical records.  Due to the immediate nature of the provision of this service you do not have to use the Urgent Care Centre or Accident & Emergency but you have to travel to our surge practice instead.

Working people find it difficult to access our services during working hours; Monday to Friday.  To allow access to our services out of hours we have created out of hours’ hubs by working with other General Practices in Hillingdon.  You can now be seen in the evenings and weekends by a fully comprehensive primary care team who we work with.  These services are based at Eastcote Health Centre or in some cases, Uxbridge Health Centres.  The Doctors and Nurses at these centres are part of our team and have full access to your medical records.  Moving to this model of care we are able to provide you with a comprehensive multidisciplinary primary health care service.


If our appointment system does not meet your needs, please let us know directly or via our PPG.

Emergency appointments

For emergency appointments call the surgery as early in the day as possible. We are open from 08:00 am for calls. These appointments are for patients who have a true medical emergency and need to be seen that day. For emergency appointments you will need to see the doctor on duty on the day, which might not be your preferred doctor. If you have requested an emergency appointment, you will be offered a telephone consultation in the first instance. If the doctor feels that you need to be seen in person after speaking with you on the telephone, you will be seen that day. Please note this may be at the surge practices in the evenings or weekends.

Telephone consultations

As all our consultations will be via telephone or eConsult in the first instance it is important that you tell the receptionist what the problem is. They are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors and medical staff, and will be able to direct you to the appropriate consultation type.

Minor Ailments and Local Pharmacies

Please try and use self-help methods available in our website. Local pharmacies are the best suited to deal with minor ailments.

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