The Practice

Practice Charter

We want you to get the best from our services but we also have some expectations from you. Our charter sums up this contract:

We Will

  • Treat you as a partner in the care you receive
  • Following discussion, provide the most appropriate treatment
  • Give you full information about our services
  • See emergency cases and all babies on the same day
  • Provide a range of appointments including telephone and e-Consultations
  • Try to ensure that you wait no more than 20 minutes to see a doctor or nurse unless there are problems about which you will be kept informed.

We ask you to

  • Ask us if you do not understand your care plan or treatment given
  • Attend your New Patient Health Check
  • Be on time for your appointment
  • Do not miss your appointment without informing us in good time
  • Tell us about any changes in your name, address or telephone number
  • Request Out of Hours care only when it is an emergency
  • Not request home visits unless it is impossible to get to the surgery
  • Allow 2 working days for repeat prescriptions
Local Services