Standards & Performance

Practices are rewarded by the NHS on targets. Being a teaching and training practice we aim for the highest standards and we do achieve all our targets. To continue to achieve the highest standards we need your help, so please ensure that  you keep all the appointments you make and follow advice given to you about your smoking, cervical smears, flu injections and other lifestyle issues.

Failure to keep appointments

If you are unable to keep your appointment it is essential that you cancel in good time so that your appointment can be allocated to someone else. Failure to cancel results in the waste of valuable medical time. If you fail to keep your appointments we will write to you regarding abuse of the system.

Late Arrivals

As the appointment is for 10 minutes, anyone arriving 5 or more minutes late will not be seen and will be asked to make another appointment. If your problem is medically urgent and needs to be dealt with on the day, you will be asked to wait till the end of surgery – this will enable the doctor to see patients who arrive on time for their full 10 minutes. If you are less than 5 minutes late you will be seen but for the time of your appointment that remains. i.e. if you are three minutes late you will be given 7 minutes and asked to make another appointment if you need additional time.

Local Services